Bust a Move to Hoov, your personal electrician.
Bust a Move to Hoov, your personal electrician.

My Professional Story....

I have been doing electrical work in and around the Charlotte area since relocating here from NW Pennsylvania in 1989. I believe in giving 100% to any job I take on, no matter how big or small.  Quality, honesty and integrity are the foundations of my business. Too often contractors have a reputation of ripping people off and unfortunately the good ones out here have to overcome that stereotype. I deliver quality work, the phrases "that's good enough" or "can't see it from my house" send shivers up my spine. Customer service is of the highest importance, rather I'm dealing with a private homeowner or a general contractor. My word is my bond and I expect no less from the people with which I'm dealing.


I began doing small electrical tasks while employed by a commercial contractor when they found out I had a knack for being able to make things work without having to call in the electrical sub every time they needed some temporary power or lighting. I found that I really enjoyed the work. When commercial construction hit the skids in the early 90's I was laid off and spotted an ad in the Observer for electrical helpers at one of the largest electrical contractors in the area, Frye Electric. I applied and was hired on as a helper. I had the opportunity to work with a number of knowledgeable leads and was soon a crew leader myself. I obtained my electrical journeyman's card as soon as I had enough experience hours to take the exam. I continued to work on the production side as a crew leader primarily wiring new construction for a couple of years. I then moved on to run a service truck where I was tasked with troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues on our jobs as well as for outside customers. I continued to run a service truck until I had enough experience hours to take the Unlimited Electrical Contractor's Exam, which is 7 years.


Once I obtained my Unlimited license I went to work for another Electrical Contractor, DL Williams Electric, as Charlotte Division Manager and became the listed electrical license holder for the Charlotte location.  Unfortunately, when the economy took a nose dive he was forced to close the doors.


I signed on to complete a short-term government contract in Kuwait and went overseas to inspect electrical installations on military bases. Once that contract was fulfilled I headed back to the States, where the economy was still in a shambles. I decided to obtain a CDL and hit the road since those seemed to be the only positions that were available.  After I completed the training and got my CDL,  Frye Electric contacted me about coming back to work for them as an estimator. I decided to do that rather than trying my hand at keeping an 18-wheeler between the white lines. I worked as an estimator until Frye Electric was sold to another company.


I went to a service company for a brief stint as their license holder as well as working in the field. I decided it was time that I put my electrical license to work for myself where I had control over the standards and ethics that I wanted my company to represent.  I demand the same standards from anyone that works for me. My company is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and quality. I would welcome the opportunity to prove that there are indeed honest and relieable contractors that deliver what they promise.     

On a Personal Note....

If it wasn't apparent from the colors I use for my company logo, or the jersey I'm wearing in my profile pic, I am a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan. I have been a fan since the beginning. Apart from football, I love competition of any kind, but I don't like to lose. (some years have been very painful as a Panthers fan).  I enjoy shooting pool, playing cards and solving puzzles. My competitive nature ensures that I will make every effort to deliver the best job possible because I strive to be second to none.   


Bust a Move to Hoov, 

Your personal Electrician.

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