Bust a Move to Hoov, your personal electrician.
Bust a Move to Hoov, your personal electrician.

Proving "Necessity really is the Mother of Invention".


Have to give some of these "electricians" extra points for imagination.  These are photos of items found during home inspections.  Sometimes all you can do is shake your head. 

Hey, the more the merrier! This box is obviously overloaded to about 10 times its capacity.
Who needs to go to the supply house for a new switch, we have an old cord end right here!
We don't need to call no electrician, but I can make it work.
This is a very "inventive" way to lower a fixture, just keep stacking boxes like a Jenga tower.
Who needs extra outlets?
Unrelated to electric, but had to throw this in. I think I would have opted to change the door swing, but what do I know?
Who says electricity and water don't mix?

   With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.

- Zig Ziglar


"I knew a kid who stuck a knife in the toaster on a few occasions. He learned it hurt. He grew up to be a great electrician."

- Travis J. Dahnke

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